05 Feb

Shoulder stand pose is one of the best inversions that yoga talks about. If you have ever been a part of 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh then you might be aware of some excellent yogic experience. Inversion poses hold a distinct line of flexibility benefits to the body. Shoulder stand starts by rolling out your yoga mats. You need to start the pose by lying backside-down on the mat. Now give your knees a good bend and place your feet on the mat as close to your hips as possible.

Press the arms and upper body into the floor on an exhale with a strong core; now lift the legs up over the head, taking the hips, and legs off the floor. All you need to do is to bend your knees towards the head while lifting the hips until they become perpendicular to the ground. Place the hands on the lower back with bent elbows to support the body. Once you have achieved the right balance you can remove your hands from the back and keep your hands straight against the body, firm on the floor with palms facing down. Breathe in and lift the feet towards the ceiling when you feel balanced and confident in the pose. Line up your legs with the rest of the body and keep them perpendicular to the floor. Now gaze towards your feet or you can gaze towards your chest while you press the shoulder blades down into the floor. Now bring your chest closer to your chin.

This is how you land on the final pose of Shoulder stand. Beginners can try out the pose with some support. Do not forget to seek good supervision if you have just started doing yoga.

India is a land of yoga. If you are looking for adding yoga as a career or get a deep insight into this profound art then joining the Yoga Teacher Training in India would be a good choice.

Shoulder Stand do good in both mental as well as physical wellbeing.

Dive in you in an inverted position reverses the outcomes of gravity on the digestive organs. This pose helps in stimulate the movement of stuck wastes, relieving fuel pains, and inducing an average restorative effect in your digestion. It’s fine to practice this pose earlier than you devour or some hours after, to avoid acid reflux. This posture is taken into consideration cooling because your eyes and head grow to become in the direction of your heart. Any posture that has your head moving towards your chest will help you cultivate inward-focused energy, and will assist soothe a racing mind.

This pose is simply as effective as another Forward Fold for having access to a deep rest state.

Besides yoga, one can also benefit rightly by savoring the fruits of the mother of all healing Ayurveda.

To ease any sort of mental or physical disorders it is always advisable to seek natural means. You can simply go for Ayurveda treatment in Rishikesh to resolve all your discomforts.

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