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Fill yourself with a deep reverberating sound of the Tibetan Singing Bowls and reshape your well being. Being exposed to the modern era today, we often lose the tranquility of our bodies. Sound Therapy Courses in India hold an empire when it comes to healing. Imbalanced schedules and daily affairs, like food, habits, environment, groups etc. misplace the vibrations in a human body. Dating back to Greek, one of the most effective techniques used by the Greeks is Sound Healing Therapy. Sound Healing therapy works by tuning up the vibrations of the body with the serene frequency of Sound Healing Instruments. Sound Healing Therapy has earned a recent comeback for its priceless benefits to its well-being.  

India has set its foot in Healing for years by its many healing sciences originating from the very ancient times, thereby accepting Sound Healing as one of the finest techniques of healing. Being a land of Mother of Healing, India has refined this ethnic technique of Sound Healing. Sound healing thereby redefines emotional and physical well-being.  

What one should know about Sound Therapy?  

Sound therapy in India is a practice of using sound vibrations. Vibrations can be mantras or instruments like Tibetan Singing bowls, tuning forks or gongs to relax the body and mind. Sound therapy creates a composed aura of sound frequencies that resonates with the body thereby stimulating the body frequencies to match with the serene flow of sound. When it comes to relieving physical ailments anxiety as well as other emotional discomforts, Sound Therapy is considered to be a miracle.  

Uncover the facts of Sound Frequencies:

The ancient art of Sound Healing revolves around the frequencies, the sound instruments produce. Vibrations produced from sound instruments stimulate the pitch of our bodies. The higher is the frequency of our body the better is the well-being. A high body frequency can do wonders; a high frequency in the body can result in an extreme level of determination, self-confidence, will power and positivism. So, One can achieve almost anything in the world. Sound frequencies rediscover the positive charge in the body and enhance the vibrations in a human body making it aware of its real capabilities.  

Benefits of Sound Healing: 

Below are the plenty benefits of Sound Healing Therapy:

  1.   Sound healing lowers stress, anxiety and other emotional discomforts.
  2.   Sound Healing Therapy can decreases mood swings.
  3.   It is known for lowering the shooting blood pressure.
  4.   Miraculous in lowering cholesterol levels.
  5.   Sound Healing helps you with pain management.
  6.   It also lowers risk for physical ailments especially coronary artery disease and heart stroke
  7.  Sound Healing improves sleep.
  8.   Sound Healing empowers the body and acts as a cushion to various ailments
  9.  Creates Self-awareness.
  10.   Prepares the body for higher possibility. 

Sound Therapy Courses in India has achieved a recent resurgence. We offer the world to learn the untold truths and facts about sound healing by providing the best Sound Therapy Course in India. Haritha Yogshala being the best Yoga Teacher Training School in Rishikesh delivers the pre-eminent lessons on Sound Healing Therapy through the four levels of Sound Healing Course. Apart from teaching, Haritha also aims at carving the hidden Sounder from within you thus, giving you the finest Sound Healing Teacher Training Course of full twelve days. 

Remold your inner-self by traveling through serene world of Healing and Self-awareness! Be a part of Yoga Retreats in Rishikesh to encounter the pleasant rejuvenation of your soul. Set yourself free from bothering ailments forever. 

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