16 Dec

It is not always possible to include a long yoga session in your daily routine. Even if you are a certified yoga teacher and have completed 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh. It sometimes becomes difficult to escape from the routine and give time to self-practice. This mini routine will definitely help you in warming up daily.  Let us look into the 10 to 15 minutes of daily yoga routine to resonate with effective experience of Yoga every day. 

1. Pelvic Tilt

Start with a slow and ongoing Pelvic Tilts. Any trace of lower back stiffness or discomfort will unfold in the first few tilts.  After 10 to 20 rounds, you'll likely be more subtle.

To land on this first step of the routine, just bring your hips towards the face. Do not lift your but off the floor. Begin with your lower back by curving it slightly. While performing it, feel the movement pressing your lower back to the floor. Remember that pelvic tilts are subtle. 

2. Cat-Cow Stretches

Feeling Time-bound? Warm-up with few Cat-Cow stretches. It may feel similar to the earlier one as the movement is much like the Pelvic Tilt. This pose channelizes the movement to the spine thereby awakening your whole body. While performing the Cat-Cow stretch one needs to control the breath.  

Inhale while arching back, Exhale while curving the spinal cord.

3. Downward-Facing Dog

To land on to the Downward facing dog pose bend your knees and raise your butt. Next, just straighten your legs. Use the best movement to line up the pose. Hold the pose for 10-15 breaths. 

4. Low Lunge Lunge

Step your proper foot forward subsequent to your right hand, getting into a low lunge. You may need to drop your lower back knee down to the ground in the beginning for a pleasant stretch in each hips. Keep the again leg straight if you need to begin to work into your hamstrings, which run along the again facet of your thighs. Hold for 3 to 5 breaths. Move at once into the straight-leg lunge.

  5.  Straight-Leg Lunge Straight Leg lunge

Straighten the lower back leg in case you've dropped that knee to the floor. Slowly straighten the front leg as you head bend ahead over it. Try to hold the front foot flat on the ground and don't pressure the leg to return straight. You can use blocks below your arms if they don't easily reach the ground whilst you straighten the front leg. Hold for three to five breaths, then step again into downward canine. Step the left foot forward next to the left hand and take your low and straight-leg lunges on that aspect. Come again to a downward dog whilst you're completed with the left leg.  

6.  Mountain Pose and Raised-Arms Pose Mountain pose and Raised Arm Pose

Walk your feet to the front of the mat till you're standing in a forward bend. To land onto this pose you need to bend your knees and roll up slowly to stand in mountain pose. This isn't always shown, but from here you may want to do several half-solar salutations. Try to do the sequence of poses matching every breath with a motion. If you have the time and the inclination, you could do full-solar salutations, a longer version of the sequence, instead. From mountain pose, take the fingers out to the facet and as much as the ceiling. Press the arms together, coming into raised-arm pose. Make certain to slip your shoulders down, away from your ears.  

7. Standing Forward Bend Forward fold Swan Dive Down into Standing Forward Bend

To get an amazing hamstring stretch, try this slowly. While on this forward bend, you may need to do a few versions to carry yourself deeper into the pose. You can try taking a yogi toe lock together with your arms hooked around your huge feet to deepen your forward fold. If that is easy, try slipping your upturned hands under your toes. Another change is to bend the knees and bring the fingers flat next to your toes, then work on straightening the legs while preserving the hands flat. 

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