05 Feb

Have you heard of Ayurveda? It is a five-thousand-year-old system of natural healing that comes from the Vedic culture of India. You must want to learn about what practices are best for

your mind and body type. Today, I am sharing some Ayurveda inspired wellness habits that you can try to incorporate into your routine.

First, gently stretch in the morning this wakes your body, gets the circulation going and energizes you for your day. After getting upright the oil pulling before brushing your teeth oil pulling is the act of swishing oil usually coconut to the oil into your mouth for up to twenty minutes to clean and detoxify your teeth and don't think of it as oil cleansing your mouth letting the oil pull and collect all that bacteria in your mouth do your best to not swallow any oil because all that bacteria in it

While doing this you can boil water to make a morning tea to warm your body up. You can make it with some vinegar honey and dried ginger.

It's always good to start your day with a warm drink because something warm allows your body to warm its digestive system when you did oil pulling spit out the oil in the trash because the oil they might clog your pipes then rinse your mouth with warm water and brush your teeth as usual. Another Ayurveda habit is to scrape your tongue using a stainless steel tongue scraper and obviously feels weird in the beginning but after some time you will really going to like it after doing this mouth feels exceptionally clean which is great because your oral health is linked to your overall health.

Now you can enjoy the morning tea that you made for yourself. I like that these habits overlap so I could multitask while letting my tea cooldown of it.

The next habit is meditation take time every day to breathe be still and be present, we could even take this moment in your morning to express gratitude for your life. acknowledge five specific things you are grateful for in your life you could say in your head out loud or jot it down in your notebook this makes a huge difference in your perspective similar to drinking something warm in the morning Ayurveda teaches us to eat a warm and light breakfast it eases the digestive system at the begging of the day.  I used to have green smoothies every morning since learning about this I started to make warm oatmeal instead. I just sprinkle some chia seeds, flaxseed and fresh berries on top.

Another Ayurveda habit is to try is a dry skin brushing dry brushing is a way to refresh and stimulate the skin and lymphatic system, improved blood circulation and released toxins. there's a specific way for this practice.

Lastly is the Ayurvedic habit of an Abhayanga or a self-oil massage similar to applying body lotion this is the practice massaging oil on your body for the fifteenth of twenty minutes a few times a week to give your body love and the feeling stability and warmth. This practice increases circulation decreases the effects of aging the calms the nerves and so much more. You will love these habits because vatta which is the cool and dried doshas, I used warm oil is like sesame oil to warm my body but make sure before practicing these discover your mind-body type and learn more about how so you can specifically take care of yourself.

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